Host organizations seeking research funds

In this case, groups approach CHeRN about housing a project needing a non-profit home to accept and manage funds. Funding is not yet in hand, and the proposal and paperwork will be prepared and submitted to funding agencies and foundations under CHeRN’s name.

CHeRN is developing criteria to serve as a guide as to projects that are appropriate for  involvement. Projects will focus on climate and health, where there is an opportunity to provide better scientific understanding to take action that can improve human health and benefit climate.

Once a decision is made that a project is appropriate for CHeRN, the task of raising funds will be clearly laid out in contract language, with the expectation that the group seeking to be housed at CHeRN will be responsible for performing nearly all the work to assemble grant applications. CHeRN has the discretion to charge fees depending on how much work is required to perform to submit grant applications. This will vary by organization and project.

Once a project is funded, CHeRN directors will also establish a fee structure to cover the costs required to assume the grant responsibility. Contracts will define the relationships, liability/responsibility, and expectations with the respective parties, outlining tasks expected to be performed by CHeRN and by others.