Fiscal Agent for sub-sets of larger research projects

Some research projects, which go through large institutions, such as Universities, occasionally need to make small grants to cooperating organizations, both within and outside of the US, to help carry out grant-related tasks, such as research and monitoring support. Large institutions are poorly equipped to provide small grants, since the bureaucracy and paperwork needed for each grant is quite demanding from both a time and cost perspective. CHeRN provides an alternative by allowing the institution to contract directly with CHeRN, which in turn sub-contracts for the needed services.

CHeRN is developing selection criteria as to which types of projects are appropriate for its  involvement. Projects will focus on climate and health, where there is an opportunity to provide better scientific understanding to take action that can improve human health and benefit climate.

CHeRN directors will establish a fee structure to cover the costs required to assume the sub-contracting responsibility. Contracts will be developed defining the relationships, liability/responsibility and expectations with the respective parties, outlining tasks expected to be performed by CHeRN and by others.