Support research to fill information gaps

CHeRN’s most active role is in agenda setting and identifying research gaps. To accomplish this, directly seeks funding for identified research, convening of scientific meetings and workshops, and other opportunities that improve understanding of complex scientific subject matter.

CHeRN directors are developing criteria for the type of research projects that CHeRN might actively pursue, how a group or individual might approach CHeRN with a project, the level of effort CHeRN will undertake to pursue the projects, and what fundraising work products are expected from individuals and groups whose ideas are accepted by CHeRN.

Criteria will cover activities with a climate and health focus, where there is an opportunity to improve scientific understanding to support actions to improve human health and benefit climate. Once activities have been targeted for research, workshop, and/or other related projects, a team will be assembled with investigators to better define the project, seek funders, and prepare proposals.